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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

define love.
heart breaking?

i really dont know anymore.

11:50 AM

Sunday, July 22, 2007

c'mon hair! why do you take so long to grow? grrr.

cynnthia loves tambourine dancing!
it's really fun. (:


9:11 PM

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

im allergic to school. ):

and imy
renny love

i need to see you girls soon! (:

anyone wanna watch potter?
i absolutely wanna watch watch watch.

back to mugging.
i got circulatory system to mug for today.

3 more weeks to semestral exams.

9:16 PM

Monday, July 09, 2007

did i ever mention that raqin is a lovely boy even though he's a moron at times? yeapp. he's very nice indeed. school was pretty okay today. i learnt how to use a sphygmomanometer during human anatomy practical session. if you dunno what it is, it's the equipment you use to check your blood pressure. (: organic chemistry was very fun too. we had a pactical on recrystallization processes and the pure crystallised compound we got was very pretty. it looked like powdered shiny pearl powder. haha. wee. and lab sessions in poly are so much more different than those in secondary schools, i swear.

after school dee and i were at the bus stop and we met raqin! haha. he was being an ass as usual but he was very nice like i said. he accompanied me to tampines mall and we walked around finding for my impenma's which were too big in size and there were no small sizes. i was damn sad lah. raqin bought famous amos cookies and he bought like 300grams and we ate until we were both sick of the sweetness of the cookies. haha. and he being a sweet boy, sent me off to the interchange and waited till my bus came and stayed in the queue with me. (: i guess there is a soft side to that fella too. haha. and now im home and contemplating whether i should get impenma's or the braziliano praia sandals. i simply love the green ones. omg. hahaha. you're free to give suggestions! (:

goodnight world! <3

10:58 PM

Sunday, July 08, 2007

i got my dress.
total hotness.

3:15 PM

Friday, July 06, 2007

hello world!

i had a great weekend. (: i went to malaysia on sunday like i said in my previous post. haa. the durians were superb. but shopping sucked. i din buy anything. oh my god. can you believe that? haha. cynnthia saved more money and that's greatt!

monday was alright. nothin much happened. i think im beginning to dread school. just like nunu said, im alergic to school. oh man. im dreading the distance i have to travel to school. and we no longer have student fares for buses. so from yishun to tampines it's like freakin $1.70. gosh. and with the gst increase now, i wonder how much more it's gonna cost. bahh. haha i so have to get the concession already. or else im just gonna burn a hole in my pocket.

oh and wednesday was a very very lovely day. i met half the MI gang along with lovely bestfriend renny!! weee. she looked so cute in her stripey wipey babydoll dress which according to Raqin, was a maternity dress. he was being a cock, as usual. haha. chuck came too! it's been really long since a saw chuck and renny. but raqin and haidar i see in school a couple of times. heee. we went over to far east plaza cause raqin and haidar wanted to eat. and according to raqin, they had the best nasi penyek(flat chicken)[i dont know how to spell]. ahaha. the chicken looked not so flat. wel, you know, raqin and his nonsensical shit. ahaha. he was really funny. and has not changed one bit. i was the shotest amond all of them, and i mean really short. now i know how it feels like to be a castillo. haha. (:

we had dessert at gelare. the waffle was oragasmic babehh. (: heeee. and after that we went to wisma for a little window dress shopping. i want that green dress from zara and im gonna get it by this week. i DONT CARE. the dress is LOVE. haha. i simply fell in love with it the moment i saw it and another plus point was that it was GREEN. [= soldier agreed to buy it for me. double yay!

i really enjoyed my time with you renny.
things really felt the same.
i felt no weirdness despite the long time we never saw each other.
everything was the same.
the way we talked, the open mindedness, the laughter.
babe, i really love you.
i have faith that we'll never drift apart no matter what.
and i know we never will.
i love you way to much to even think about it.

alright world.
gonna hit the sack! got school at 8 tomorrow.
goodnight! (:

12:02 AM

Sunday, July 01, 2007

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guess who's baaackkk?! heee. soldier booked out this morning. went to fetch him from his camp. haha. superman is his nickname in camp. everyone calls him that cause of his nehneh tattoo. haha. his mum like prepared a feast lah. like as if some prince coming back from war like that. aha. we ate like pigs. i really missed my soldier alot. he's got very little hair now and he's got two shades darker. but nevermind. he uses fair and lovely! hahaha.

AND later in the evening, josh, my sis, mum and i went to seoul garden to pig out even more. man i am growing fatter. i can feel it. i felt like a happy fat kidd muching on his chocolate cake! aha. and after that we wanted to catch transformers but all the tickets were sold out. and the midnight movie was like selling fast. is that movie that hot? heee. i wannt catch it soon though. (:

and yes. the weather has been being a bitch. i got heat rash all over my face. grahh. must drink loadsa water. which i lack in me. haha. yeapp. and yes. im off to malaysia tomorro to fruit plantations. hmmm. i hope it's fun. im going for the shopping sake. =D

alright world. goodnight. (:

12:43 AM

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