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Friday, September 29, 2006

hey there people!!!
results were out.
i improvedd. ((:
and daddy's given me a great offer to do well in O's.
graduation is in two weeks.
it's so fast.
and we'll just be the batch of 2006.

a shout out to all my sexy friendsss.

renny my chicken little.
clara my nehnehpok.
baytrees my urrr. WEIRDO.
serena my student motivator.
shivani my asshole friend. hahaha.
huiyun my horny monster.
and the whole of sexay 4c.

i just love ya'll to the very bits.
okayy. i'll be going to mugg already.
bubye worldd!

11:06 AM

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

our fate is sealed already.
just waiting for tomorro to come makes me sickk.
the marked papers on the teachers' tables.
oh myy.
im gonna sleep.

10:51 PM

Sunday, September 17, 2006

feeling insecure sucks.
your imagination just runs wild.

9:49 PM

Sunday, September 03, 2006

i dont care what whoever who reads this wanna think.
you people can go bitch about me for all i care after this entry.
after all, you are an expert at that.
or that's what you make yourself seem to be.
'HYPOCRITE.' that word.
everyone is using it on everyone.
oh she's a hypocrite, babablacksheep.
excuse me bitch,
have you looked at your own fucking butts?
yes i am i hypocrite.
but do you realise it's only like that when it comes to you people?
it's cause ya'll are like that.
esp YOU.
that's why i always told myself.
why did i ever look around elsewhere when my real friends were and ARE just with me in my class?
they were and ARE always there when i need them.
when i needed and NEED someone to talk to.
but when i told YOU things, you will just share it with others like it's some hot gossip.
wow. bravo man. bravo.
acting as though you love me so much.
say i love you and will always be there when i need a friend.
go throw your fucking bullshit into your toilet bowl and flush it down man.
i knew i meant it when i said it to you.
but guess wad?
you din mean yours.
i feel like a piece of toilet paper always there to wipe your stinking ass.
if that was what you wanted to achieve.
i salute you. well done.
you achieved it.
all i know was.
i treated you as a very good friend.
i seriously treated you as one of my loved ones.
but guess wad?
you just treated me like dirt.
you always told me you hated hypocrisy.
and remember that time you talked to me about how your own close friends turned against you?
and you go back sticking to them like a bloody leech now.
wow. so much for being truthful and trustworthy eh?
thanks for telling him the things that were meant to be between us only.
i've fallen.
the bruises hurt.
i've lost.
but nvm.
i'll just hobble on with my life.
you can just remain stagnant there and rot.
cheers, bitch. (:

9:10 AM

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