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Saturday, January 28, 2006


and happy birthday ash. (:

11:28 PM

Friday, January 27, 2006

grahhh i din get to go to school today.
mum din wake me up.
haiks. the doc said im havin some throat infection.
and he told me to drink lotsa cold water to soothe the thonsils.
haha. but crap.
i missed the chinese new year celebrations.
haiys. time to catch up on studies and hw.

i dont wanna go this sunday.
i dunno why.
i dont have a good feeling about it.
aiyah whatever.

11:41 AM

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

yes i got your hint.
i know you hate me.
haiyah. then why lie when i asked you?
wad did you tell me?
you said you will not right?
and you say im going back on my stand.
have you thought about you goin back on yours?
why do things for the sake of it then.
it's so freakin obvious already.
i needed that.
really dehh.
what's happening again?
why does it seem that the past is repeating itself again?
or maybe it is?
i irritated you.
im really sorry then.
i will keep my distance.
if that makes you happy.
thanks alot deh.
but i swear you have changed.
oh well.
people change.
and all i have to say to you is that,
i lost a very good friend i loved and trusted.

10:01 PM

Monday, January 23, 2006

damn i love those chemistry practicals.
they are damn fun.
ahahaha. oh wells.
today was rather short to me.
and really boring.
only tamil, english, lit and bio.
bio was free period for me.
i swear, it's really boring.
for two whole periods i sat there facin the wall.
i revised physics. (:
i kinda think physics is easier compared to chem.
but chem's still fun.
the orange solids and smelly ammonia gases.
then went for lunch with nesaar and shaikh.
(: thanks for brightenin my day.

got e.maths test tmr on kinematics!
ahaha. mr suresh the setter. woohoo.
ok that was damn retarded. only ash will go woooo.
im gonna be all intellectual in this.
serena, shut up.
im gonna stay up late to mug.
goodnight world.
beeg smiles.

8:43 PM

Sunday, January 22, 2006

helloo peeps! ahaha.. it's a sunday today!
there was church today. can say lah. it was quite ok.
jebs played the drums. eeeeee. so gross.
i tell you the whole church nearly collapsed.
one of my new year resolution, i swear is to be freakin mean to jebs.
so irritatin. always being so mean. wahlau.
then we had youth. it was t-shirt designing and some drama auditions.
ahahaha i tell you it was really funny and crazyy.
jennifer and i auditioned together. i swear the whole thing was so retarded.
i couldnt stop laughing. and then we watched jebs and michelle.
serena was bein so retarded. when michelle came to her and asked did you steal my bf?
and she was like errr.. waaad??? waaad???? ahahaha. retarded piece of shit.
yeaps then she had to go. bahhh. went home with jennifer, jason and steven.
it was really fun. love ya'll man.

oh wells this is to you.
you noe, i really dunt noe wad the fuck you're up to,
but yes it's really fucking irritating?
wad's with the whole thing about me going on with a guy just after talkin to him for 3 minutes?
errr.. it's really not working out. i mean. i noe lah you are like that and stuff.
athukunu. wahlau. like jebs says, SOT LAH. so pissing. grahh.
wad the hell man.

oh wells. good night world. i gotta run. ciaoss.

10:11 PM

Monday, January 16, 2006

why do i feel that somethin's wrong somewhere?
i dunno why. this weird feeling in me. grahh.
oh wells. if there's something wrong. i really wanna noe.
gees.. oh well. school's different now.
the o`level worries sinkin it very badly.
haiks. i dont feel like bloggin anymore.
whatever shit.

7:13 PM

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Broken this fragile thing now
And I can't,
I can't pick up the pieces
And I've thrown my words all around
But I can't, I can't give you a reason
I feel so broken up
And I give up
I just want to tell you so you know

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one that gets me like you do
You are my only, my only one

Made my mistakes, let you down
And I can't, I can't hold on for too long
Ran my whole life in the ground
And I can't, I can't get up when you're gone
And something's breaking up
I feel like giving up
I won't walk out until you know

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one that gets me like you do
You are my only my only one

Here I go so dishonestly
Leave a note for you my only one
And I know you can see right through me
So let me go and you will find someone

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one, no one like you
You are my only, my only one
My only one
My only one
My only one
You are my only, my only one

9:24 PM

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

grahh it's sucha gloomy dayyy.
it's pourin and pourin. i wish it wouldnt tomorrow.
it's my birthday tmr.
my birthday wish?
to get back the things i lost. friendships and love.

i want that 69 brown and white bagg.
it's niiice. papa get it for me!!! haha.
there's school tomorrow.
and i dont feel like going.
i feel like just going out the whole dayy.
and watch an nc-16 movie which i never got into once.
haha. all the time they would ask me for an id.
grahhh. stupid people. wanna suck up so much.
lol. who am i to scold them. crazy me.

had a primary school gathering yesterday night.
my friend michelle's goin to australia for further studies.
and we held a farewell partayy for her. woo.
it was kinda fun actually. seein everyone again.
not much changes. i din even feel sec 4 with them.
all were screamin and laughin and runnin around like the little kids we used to be.
well. that's us i guess. haha.
we ordered pizza, sat in a circle in the void deck and ate.
and then went to the interchange rounding and rounding till about 12.
well i was the only indian girl. haha. the rest were all chinese and only two malay guys.
it was great lah. had lotsa fun. after a long time and gettin back together.
well the 6A1 spirit's still there. and the unity and togetherness.
love ya'll. ((:

im so bored. and im stuck at home with nothing to do.
seriously. i feel so gloomyyy. with it raining outside also.
and mum doesnt wanna let me sleep.
cheese and whiskers. well. im gonna study then.
till next time.
beeg smiles.


11:55 AM

Monday, January 09, 2006

hellooo.. second week of school! (:
im kinda gettin a lil bored. chem's fun!
the practicals. haha. we got our six test-tubes and guess wad?
i broke my first test tube. infront of joshie sng! eee. so embarrassing can!
haha. and there came jogging. for the first time, rachel actually jogged two rounds without stopping.
WOW. lol. then i tripped. but never fall. graaah. i wish i fell. then i wouldnt have to jog anymore.
but i didnt. so yeah. gross.

had two free bio periods. i sat there doin my chem and english.
haha. and then went for lunch at j8 with jebs and balls.
damn for once we had intelligent conversations. lol. and yeah.
i think the fall made jeb's brain damaged or somethin. she was weird.
with the kukufied smiles and grins. hahaha. i love my balls so much.
i love those mrt rides home with her. and INTELLIGENT conversations also.
hey im gettin more intelligent conversations. im gettin smarter. woohoo.

aiight. i cant blog further. ciaoss..

5:20 PM

Friday, January 06, 2006

haikss i seriously dont understand my parents.
when im really sincere about something, that's when they never give me the hope.
when they dont believe me, they just dont realise that it demoralises me.
tsk. whatever. this time i really want to do my best and prove it to ya'll.
and there ya'll go not allowin me to. TSK. wonderful people. whatever lah.

anyway. school was great today. well. i really gotta start workin on my chem.
since i've dropped bio, i've got to be really good at my science. haiys.
FEITO. i love that name.
went for lunch with ashwinuu babu, jebs and balls. went to pizza hut.
good time we had. haha. laughters and crap.
aiights i gotta run people.
cyaaa around.

8:25 PM

Thursday, January 05, 2006

somethin went wrong with the pic just now.
but thanks to cynnthia the great, it's ok now!
all hail cynnthia!!!

english lesson was damn yuck.
chees. that was cause i din do my hw.
wahlau! i din even noe there was eng hw till just now can!
and yeah. i got a wonderfooool scolding.
and some stoopid bitch din come. ahaha. serena jebamani caldwell.
haha. once again, she spilt her blood on the drain.
might as well go to the blood donation drive.
ahaha okok. stop bein mean to her. hope to see you tmr and get well soon and WALK PROPERLY! (:
but ss was super super funny.
mrs lim's really nice. clara became mrs.napolean.
ahahahaha. that was darn funny.
had physics diagnostic after school. eee.
i didnt study much for it. i only knew some questions.
haiksss. this year is really a hectic year.
and i can already feel the stress and pressure.

my resolution is to mug constantly and prove it to the teachers, mum and papa, and myself that i can do it.
mum promised me a handphone model of my choice and a puppy!!!
and dad promised me whatever i asked for.
cheese and whiskers. but i have to meet the criteria first.
i know i can do it. and i will.
aiight. goodnight world.

9:40 PM

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

school has startedd!
second day today.
it was really fun.
i got to see all the babes i never saw for so long.
ashwinuu babuu, vithya goopal, rachel, balls, bhavans and eee. serena.
they are all still the same!!
the retard-ness.
and i like my teachers!

Form - mrs chew

E.Maths - mr suresh

A.Maths - mrs chew

Chem - ms begam, ms sim

Physics - mr ronnie goh, mr yau

English - mrs foo

Lit - mr joshie, ms janice tan & mrs foo

SS/Geog - mrs lim kim choo

im the e.maths rep!!
ashwinu babu also!

today was fun.
classes began.
it wasnt that bad.
all the teachers were talkin about o's as usual.
but the interesting thing was
each subject teacher was like promotin the subject they taught.

yeap then went for lunch with jebs, ashwinu babu and balls.
it was damn retarded.
esp bullyin ash.
she bought hokkien mee.
and dunno for wad also she put so much of chilli when she never eat.
like balls said
it was just for display.
yeah lah!
and i want a new bag for school!!!

7 more days to my birthday people!

3:47 PM

Monday, January 02, 2006

How You Life Your Life
You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.
You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.
You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many aquaintences.
You tend to always dream of things within reach - and you usually get them.
How Do You Live Your Life?

7:22 PM

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