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Sunday, June 26, 2005

oh my.
wad's with this fucking shit about me havin tactless behaviour?
wad's with the avoidin and stuff and lockin the door and talkin about me?
fuck this.
you think you're miss perfect?
an angel?
think again.
i do admit.
i aint an angel.
i have my flaws.
i dunt behave sometimes.
so wad?
why do you wanna care?
or should i say act.
ya'll say you care and this shit and all.
and you still talk behind my back.
just by listenin to that one person tellin you the story.
was he fuckin there at that point of time?
was he fuckin watchin my every move?
was he fuckin recording it?
was he even fuckin by my side when im with my friends?
no right?
then why fuckin believe him?
cause he's older and im a kid.
wad the fuck?
come on man.
is this wad you call havin fairness and maturity?
isnt there such a thing as listenin to the other side of the story?
only i noe wad happened wad.
if ya'll were there i'll shut up.
but you werent.
so can ya'll just stop this shit?
so wad if he was older?
if i were to show it i'd just tell you every single thing about his life.
that will just prove that im just like one of ya'll.
talkin about my life and twistin it and makin it sound like as if i were the bad guy.
eh come on man.
ya'll are older than me.
dunt ya'll have this thing called common sense?
then why dunt you just come straight to my face and ask about my life.
you noe.
my biggest mistake was trustin you.
i thought i could trust you.
but you just had to blow it.
thanks guys.
so much for family.
so much for that closeness we all had as cousins.
everything i do is wrong.
wearin eyeliner is wrong.
my dressing is wrong.
my behaviour is wrong.
im not doin this to impress you or anythin you noe.
it's my way.
i like the way it is.
maybe behaviour wise i do suck.

but hey.
you are no angel.

5:19 PM

Thursday, June 23, 2005

finally im out.
went to wild wild wet with jebamani and some kids from church.
was really fun.
im burnt.
so dark.
wait a sec.
ive always been dark.
so now im darker.
im a zebra.
dark darker dark darker.

actually i dunt see why we should spend a bomb to go in there when the things there are the same as jurong swimming complex.
well maybe except for the black hole slide and the slide up and the six people slide.
the black hole slide was fun.
cant even see anythin.
the slide had six people wasnt that bad lah.
except for that maaran lifeguard who kept splashin water on people who din move up with the queue.
but the best was the slide up.
it was so freakin scray.
trust me it was.
the slide was soo steep.
jebamani and i were on da floater.
yuck we looked damn obscene.
cause of the way they made everyone sit.
my legs were under her armpits.
and hers wer under mine.
so tell me
aint in so obscene?
imagine how it was.
but the worst part was when they pushed us down.
my heart just came out.
but it only lasted for like 50 seconds?
but worth the waiting.

then there were this red indians.
wearing thongs.
splashin water on everyone who went past the lazy river.
they had tattoos on their asses.
cool eh?
and the lazy river was the one i loved the most.
jebamani and i both tryin to sit on one same float.
with this kid pushin us down and overturnin us.
wah lau.
we would have capsized at least 20 times.
but it was really fun lah.
wish to go again.
so burnt.

8:23 PM

Friday, June 17, 2005

aaah somebody save me
more and more shit happenin.
i just cant take it.
but im gonna tolerate it.
im gonna take it.
im gonna take your advice.
but im not separatin.
i'll just wait.
im so confused.

10:30 PM

aaah somebody save me
more and more shit happenin.
i just cant take it.
but im gonna tolerate it.
im gonna take it.
im gonna take your advice.
but im not separatin.
i'll just wait.
im so confused.

10:30 PM

Monday, June 13, 2005


im super super grounded.

some things happened.

i'll give ya your money the next time i see you.

if you aint buyin it ask jeb.

got all your money ready already and was gonna get to your house and somethin happened.

shit's been happenin lots.


4:42 PM

im rotting.
save me.

3:46 PM

Saturday, June 11, 2005

yes i noe im in the wrong.
does that mean i have to stop doin everythin?
might as well be dead right?
i mean death and just doin nothin makes no difference.
and yeah.
i always thought you were open.
thought i could confide in you.
but hehh.
you just totally turned out opposite.
mum, i still love you.
tho you still refuse to talk to me and stuff.
i'll just keep quiet and wait till the day you accept me back.
never happened before.
hope it never will again.
it's no use of me talkin straight to you.
wad's the least i'll get?
scoldings and more scoldings.
well i appreciate the fact that you din tell dad.
but haiys.
i'll just be quiet and punished.
but well.
somethings you do are really pissing.
hope you understand that without bein told.
hopin things will get better.

10:37 PM

Friday, June 10, 2005

back from camp.
wad's the usual things that always happen after this kinda things?
why am i so not surprised??
things were great at first.
it was all good.
laughin and all.
and now.
im super confused.
i dunno wad to do.
dunno wad to choose.
dunno wad to say.
always losing out.
all because of that one person.
bloody fucker.
only out to ruin my life eh?

9:00 PM

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